CGL is excited to welcome the esteemed Gary Mohr, David Byrn, and Brian Lee to its team of justice experts.

Gary Mohr, Senior Fellow

With more than 47 years in the corrections field, Mohr has risen to become one of the most respected correctional leaders in the country. He began his career as a teacher in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, where he would go on to hold multiple critical posts including warden, head of the state youth prisons system, and eventually ascend to lead the agency as Director from 2010 through 2018. In that role, he transformed the system by improving security and developing and implementing innovative programs that better address the needs of incarcerated individuals. Mohr is a recipient of the Francke Award for career achievement and Clements Awards for correctional innovation from the Correction Leaders Association. After retiring from Ohio DRC, he was elected as the 106th President of the American Correctional Association.In his new role consulting exclusively for CGL, Mohr will work closely with the justice services team to provide management and operations consulting services to both state and local agencies across America.  


Judge David Byrn (Ret.), Vice President
Judge Byrn joins CGL after serving the past 13 years as a Circuit Court Judge in the 16th Judicial Circuit of the State of Missouri. While serving as Presiding Judge, he was responsible for all court operations, management and planning. He regularly collaborated with the funding entity responsible for courthouse facilities, ensuring that the needs of all stakeholders would be met. He led efforts to re-evaluate all court and justice system operations because of the COVID pandemic. He has served as a panelist on a national webinar hosted by the National Center for State Courts regarding jury trials and grand juries and has consulted with judges and administrators from different states, helping to identify changes and improvements in court operations, including systemic changes that will continue after the current pandemic. Prior to his appointment to the bench, he practiced private law for 27 years.

At CGL, Judge Byrn brings a new perspective to the justice services team by providing valuable insight into the operational aspect of the judicial system. 


Brian Lee, Vice President
A former deputy chief with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), Brian Lee knows firsthand what it takes to manage and operate today’s detention facilities. Lee served with MCSO for more than 23 years as a detention officer, becoming a deputy chief in August of 2012. He held several positions at various jail divisions within the agency and was previously the Chairman of the Maricopa County Smart Justice (Reentry) Council consisting of multiple departments within the Maricopa County criminal justice system. Throughout his career, Brian has been active in the reduction of recidivism in the county jail system and promoting more efficient public safety through the use of data and evidence-based practices that address criminal behavior.

As deputy chief, Brian provided project management for the sheriff’s office in the construction and opening of Maricopa’s new detention facility that acts as a central hub for the intake, transfer, and release of all county jail bookings. He also oversaw the operations of the Central Intake Jail, the Inmate Transportation Division, the Custody Business Operations Division, Estrella Jail, Saguaro Jail, and the Occupational Safety Division.

In his new role with CGL, Lee will work closely with the justice services team to provide management and operations expertise and consulting services to agencies across America.