Senior Corrections Analyst and Planner Dr. Marayca López recently traveled to El Salvador for an international workshop focused on the use of electronic security devices in criminal justice. Invited as an expert advisor, Marayca presented on the use of electronic monitoring in North America, with a focus on best practices in the USA.
The workshop was organized by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Ministry of Justice and was attended by the Minister himself and his cabinet of advisors, including the Chief of Corrections. The top left photo shows the lineup of workshop panelists and experts (from left to right):
  1. Pedro das Neves, Portugal, Belgium, and UK
  2. Comisaria Nelsa Viscailuz, Direccion de Monitoreo Electronico, Uruguay
  3. Ing. Luis Alonso Barrera, Ministry of Justice Executive Director
  4. Ing. Mauricio Ramirez, Minister of Justice
  5. Carmina Moreno, IDB representative
  6. Andres Restrepo, IDB specialist
  7. Dr. Marayca López, North America/USA
  8. Mayor Jorge Gama Doza, INPEC Colombia