The International Corrections and Prisons Association – Latin America chapter in collaboration with the National University of Colombia (U.N.C.)  is currently holding a workshop in Bogotá focused on Changes in the Models of Social Reintegration in Latin America.

Senior Corrections Analyst and Planner Dr. Marayca López serves as an expert panelist for a seminar on The Idea of Space in Prison Architecture. Marayca and fellow panelists U.N.C. National Outreach Director Professor Pablo Abril and U.N.C. Professor Gonzalo Serrano discuss architectural guidelines; space and time in terms of prison internment; and Latin American trends in prison architecture for reintegration into society.

The ICPA-LA workshop brings together a wide range of experts and stakeholders in the corrections industry, including: authorities of national and local prison systems, academics, operators, prison service providers; and specialists in criminology, forensics, social work, psychology, architecture, and management.