The CGL Lexington team recently moved into new office space and we’re excited to share some photos of the awesome new digs!

The old Lexington office resided at 212 North Upper Street for 20 years and lacked the functionality to provide ample space and resources for the growing team. Members from Lexington said the move was bittersweet but ultimately are excited about the change.

The new office offered the opportunity to get more flexible furniture and even a full size refrigerator and sink with running water (items the old office lacked). It features a modern design with pops of colors that are inviting to all who enter.

“Our new space offers fabulous daylight, just like we enjoyed at our old office.  The new space provides several meeting space options:  a pair of quiet rooms, a shared break/meeting area, and a large conference room for design collaboration and coordination, plus an informal seating area around a coffee table,” said April Pottorff, CGL Director of Design and Senior VP.

CGL’s Lexington Office is now located at:
431 Old Vine Street
Suite 100
Lexington, KY 40507

Check out the pics below (look at that awesome orange wall!):