CGL, teamed with designer Robert A.M. Stern Architects and AOR Jenkins Peer Architects, served as Court Architect and Courts Programmer for the Charles R. Jonas modernization and addition project.


“The Charles R. Jonas Federal Building and Courthouse in Charlotte, N.C., is a historic Neo-classical edifice built in 1915. The building’s size was tripled in 1933. But more recently it has been badly in need of upgrading to 21st Century justice standards, especially in the areas of security, energy efficiency, and workspaces for support staff.

A Building Team that included the designer Robert A.M. Stern Architects and CGL Companies (which specializes in justice-related projects) recently completed a $164.7 million modernization and addition of an eight-story wing that accommodates nine new courtrooms, chambers, and support spaces. The new wing, which rises up behind the original building, maintains the courthouse’s Classical architectural presence along Charlotte’s skyline.”

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