ATLANTA (April 28, 2021) – CGL Facility Management, LLC (CGL), in association with Hunt Companies (Hunt) and BHom Student Living (Bhom), has partnered with the Georgia Board of Regents to provide facility maintenance management and optimization services for student housing facilities across Georgia’s universities.

 “We set out in search of a focused and dedicated team to improve the student housing infrastructure and the overall student experience on our campuses,” said Ron Reed, Director of Real Estate Ventures, Development. “After an extensive vetting process of several different maintenance suppliers, it is clear that CGL is the best team for the job. We’re excited about the benefits our partnership with CGL will bring and very pleased with their approach and transition to this point in the project.”

CGL has a proven track record of developing effective maintenance plans that reduce deferred maintenance and lower the total cost of ownership for public facility owners. For the Board of Regents, CGL and its partners will engage with Georgia’s state universities to provide day-to-day maintenance and operations for student housing properties with on-site resident staff, positively affect student living environments through comprehensive facility management, and perform routine repairs, preventative maintenance, custodial services, and any major repairs or replacements. CGL’s maintenance professionals handle in-unit service requests 24 hours a day to uphold resident satisfaction and to be proactive in maintaining and preserving the property, plant, and equipment to extend building life.

“We’re honored to be the Board of Regents’ choice to help address the ongoing maintenance needs of Georgia’s university housing,” said Greg Westbrook, President of CGL Facility Management. “Our unique partnership with the Board of Regents provides each campus with direct access to professional, on-site maintenance services to help them efficiently support their operations and elevate the overall experience for campus residents.”



To learn more about the contract and how to sign up, please reach out directly to one of the individuals below:

Tony Turpin: (678) 205-6974;

Diane Bruining: (317) 501-4648;



CGL Facility Management, LLC has more than 25 years of experience providing facility maintenance services for public entities with multi-building campus-style facilities. CGL’s current projects include more than 16 million square feet of public facilities across the United States.

CGL delivers a systemized and proven approach to comprehensively manage and maintain an entire building, protecting the significant investment in the building and its operations. CGL’s approach considers the functional needs of the users, the technical needs of the building, the influence of the facility on the community’s social infrastructure, and the cost of operations. We keep facility equipment and systems in optimum condition, improving performance, guaranteeing a better functioning building, and lowering the long-term Total Cost of Ownership.

Additionally, CGL clients are supported by a robust roster of facility experts. CGL provides consulting, planning, design, project management and facility maintenance all under one roof. CGL’s senior staff has more than 200 combined years of experience; and overall corporate experience spans 20 countries, all 50 states and more than 500 counties.