Shout-out to Dan Flynn for always going the extra mile in fulfilling maintenance services. The admirable CGL electrician of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania facilities is commended by his superior, Steve Wilson for his outstanding job performance.

“Dan is an excellent example of customer service and consummate team player,” Steve said.

Adam Walker with Lancaster County said Dan is “always willing to stop what he is doing to take care of issues that arise. Positive and friendly attitude 100% of the time.”

Dan continues to prove his dedication to his job. Dan is applauded for his exceptional commitment one particular day, when he was called in after hours for a repair, took a look at another task out of his profession and came back to rebuild a lock system and replace all electrical components after a cell of inmates would not unlock. Dan completed all the work remaining with a calm and composed demeanor.

Deputy Warden of Operations of Lancaster County Prison, William Aberts, adds “Dan has emerged as one who gets the job done no matter what it is, yes he is an electrician but I have dealt with him over many more issues than just electrical and he has always been more than willing to help out and continually portrays a positive attitude.”

Thank you, Dan, for continuously exceeding expectations and displaying great character while on the job. CGL is honored to have you as a dedicated team member!