Many of our offices have reopened after months of being closed due to COVID-19. The pandemic calls for a change in how staff members return and operate in the offices and on project sites in order to maintain a safe environment.

CGL issued new materials and protocols, including: washable masks, hand sanitizer stations, work spaces that are six feet apart, and other measures as needed in order to help employees feel comfortable.

Joel Holley and Terrance Dankwa collaborating in the Lexington, KY office.

Major, widespread changes from the pandemic were communicating and holding meetings virtually. Now that many states reopened, we can go meet with our clients and check on projects in-person rather than through a screen. Recently, project team members for the Tuolumne County Jail and City of Flagstaff Courthouse projects went to the facilities to talk with the clients and see the progress made. Our staff members were grateful for the opportunity to safely meet face-to-face with their project team and witness the evolution of the new facilities.

CGL’s Enrique Macia and Michael Lynch visit the City of Flagstaff to check on the progress of the new courthouse building.