About CGL

We are internationally recognized experts in justice facilities, specializing in facility planning, design, maintenance, and operations.

Founded in 1974, CGL has since grown into the largest, most comprehensive criminal justice consulting firm in the world. Our vertically-integrated 360 JUSTICE service platform provides justice owners with:
  • Significant facility cost savings
  • Increased facility life
  • Total understanding of the facility and operations
  • Speed to market with a single-source solution
  • Reduced risk and comprehensive plans that work

Mission & Vision 

Our mission is to be the best provider of reliable and affordable services for social infrastructure worldwide.

CGL is focused on providing dynamic, creative and practical solutions for justice systems. We are partners and advocates for our clients, seeking to fulfill every operational and facility need through superior service. Our one-to-one connection to our clients ensures true owner’s perspective representation for facilities that meet community needs. With every project, our professionals apply the full range of services to develop a well-rounded program for clients.
Continential map of locations CGL has worked

Where We Work

We are the leading provider of justice facility planning, design, program management and maintenance solutions.

To date, CGL has worked in more than 900 counties and municipalities, all 50 states, and 20 countries. Owners have turned to us to deliver solutions on more than 1,900 projects and we currently manage maintenance for nearly 9 million square feet of justice facilities.

Our Partnerships


Correctional Leaders Association


2019 Corporate Partner - Virginia Sheriffs' Association


Member – California State Sheriffs’ Association Corporate 100 Partners Program


Bronze Level Partner