Video: Correctional Facility Soup


What similarities can be drawn between soup and correctional facilities? Both involve a variety of ingredients that must be combined in the correct ratios for success. For soup, the choice of types and brands of ingredients can make or break the outcome; for correctional facilities, different factors such as policies, staffing, procedures and funding could be the difference between success and failure. Join along as detention and corrections expert, Brian Lee, uses the metaphor of creating the perfect soup recipe to explain why having a balanced approach in planning, managing, and operating correctional facilities is so important.

About the Author: 

Brian Lee MBA, CPM 

Prior to joining CGL’s justice planning team, Brian Lee served with Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for more than 23 years as a detention officer and held the rank of deputy chief for over a decade during some of the biggest changes in the agency’s history. During his tenure as deputy chief, he held several positions at various jail divisions within the agency and served as the Chairman of the Maricopa County Smart Justice (Reentry) Council consisting of multiple departments within the Maricopa County criminal justice system working together to facilitate positive change.  

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